Sunday, November 1, 2009


Our children's ministry host what's called Fight night every few months, Wednesday was our Fall one. FIGHT standing for Families In God Hanging Together. They have a skit each time and teach the kids a different virtue. This week the virtue was Individuality..."discovering who you were meant to be so you can make a difference". The skit goes along with the virtue. Our children's ministers...James and Aaron, are pretty stinkin funny and they are very creative! We are so blessed to have here @ FCC. My kids love them and they love going to children's church!
Here are a few pics from the night. Aaron is dressed up as Mr. Individuality..

He brought up John and Chas Beason up to play a game:

Bobby Reed taught us a bible story:

At the beginning we sing songs and a crew of kids and our worship team dance and sing...It's fun:

The kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes @ this one...this is my Daughter Brooke on the right with 2 of her best friends...Emma and Avery. Yes...they are the same age...funny the different sizes!!!

This is Lauren and her best friends Aubrey and Jessica...Lauren is a Hobo!

Here is Jaden with some of his Buds, he is a mummy!

This is Aaron's...our children's ministers little boy...smokin a sucker...he is such a cute kid!

And here is James...we just love him!

We will be changing FIGHT NIGHT to FX. It will be on Sunday mornings. As a church we recognize that families are busy and over scheduled so we try very hard to keep it simple!! Can't wait to see what FX will be like!

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