Monday, November 2, 2009

The next step...'s official! The announcement was made! We are starting phase 3 of the building! Yeah! What does this mean? It means no longer will moms have to walk upstairs to pick up little ones. They will be at ground floor! Which I think is fantastic! It also means all children birth thru 5th grade will be located in one building and that will make it so much easier to pick them up! Yeah! What's funny for me is...I will most likely just have one still in the children's area by then! WOW! That is crazy for me to think of! But what a blessing for all you moms to have all your kids in one area!!

And the really cool announcement....we are launching a new campus @ Stone Canyon school! The way this all come together is so amazing! We were in the process of praying about it and praying for a organization that starts new churches came to us not knowing this was already on our hearts and said...Hey we would like for you to partner with us in starting a new campus and we will take care of the finances for the first 3 years! We were like...What? Really? Ok God that is cool!!! With this location we will be able to reach the other side of Owasso...Catoosa...Claremore and many more people for Christ in that community! Yeah God! This is just the beginning of many awesome things that God is doing! I have always wanted to be a part of launching a new campus!!!

So join us in celebrating God's blessings. All the Glory and Honor to Him! Can't wait to see what else He has in store for the future and I am so thankful He has asked me to be a part of it!
Like the song we sang yesterday..You are God of this city...your the Lord of these people and nation...You're the light in the darkness...there is no one like Our God...Greater things are yet to come...Greater things are still to be done in this City.....

I love watching God work! Amen!!

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  1. AWESOME! God is amazing and I love how he uses people of every kind to fulfill His purpose.

    What blessings the Owasso community will continue to experience with the sending out of God's word, the Gospel.
    YEA!! :)


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