Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Cool...

as in have a fridge with water and ice in the door!! For 16 1/2 years Matt and I have had this fridge...and we were very thankful for it! Matt's mom and step dad got it for a wedding present!

Over the last year the ice machine quit working...or sometimes it would work on it's own...:) So we were cracking ice trays! Which I know in the big picture...yeah yeah...poor us! But I have always always wanted a fridge that had the ice and water in the door! There have been a few times I almost had Matt talked into one, but we try not to spend what we don't have! I felt God saying...not now...not yet...I have plans for you if you just be patient!! And...ours was working just fine so there really wasn't a reason to buy one! We try to be good stewards of our money and buying a new one when the old one was fine...well that's just not the way it works! What's funny is when my kids friends come over they do we get ice?? Or how do we get water? I guess they have never seen a fridge that doesn't have water and ice in the door! It always cracks me up when they ask me that!!!

Anyway, last week they moved Matt's grandma into a nursing home and they wondered if there was anything we wanted from the house. I about the fridge? And they said YES!! So we packed up and went there last Sat. and came home with a trailer load! And ta is our new fridge! People...this fridge is like brand new!! It's amazing!! We are all so excited to get ice and water out of the door! It's so funny! It's so big inside! My kids love opening it up!

The best part...:)

God always surprises me with blessings. One thing Matt and I have learned over the years of our marriage is to tithe. Jesus talks about money more than anything in the bible. He knew it would be a struggle for us. He knew that we would love it and love the things that it could get us. I challenge any of you who are struggling with your finances to start tithing. I promise you will see the blessings...not only in your finances, but in your life. Being obedient with your finances is so important in your walk with Christ. Matt and I received some news about our finances this week that could only happen because of God. We didn't deserve it and we know that it was a blessing from God. We give Him the GLory!!

Just like the fridge...we didn't' earn it or deserve was a gift. We are sooo thankful for!!! We appreciate the generosity of our family. We can't earn God's's a gift...we just have to receive it and watch the blessings flow from Him.


  1. How exciting! Our fridge does not have water in the door! At The Ridge when we talk about tithing we always say if you don't see a difference in your life after you tithe, and we can trace it, we will give you your money back! So far, no one has asked for their money back! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I am so happy for you! It is so neat how you are so excited about it! God is so good and I just love how He blessed you!

  3. Steph,

    That is soooo awesome!! God is AMAZING and HE has done some awesome things in your life this year that will continue and continue for HE LOVES YOU SOOO!!

    Wahoo :) Water and ICE in the door....God is good :):):):):)

  4. The things where God is so abundantly evident are always the best.

    So glad for you!


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