Monday, November 9, 2009

A Mummy, Baby and A Hobo

Happy Halloween! I almost forgot to post our Halloween night pics! EEK!! We have a little route of going to the our neighbors houses...which is my parents, my aunt and uncle and several people who have lived in this neighborhood for quite awhile. We don't have many trick or treaters in this neighborhood so my kids get the royal treatment.
Lauren was a Hobo this year. her! We went to Goodwill and found some $6 jeans we could rip up and the rest was borrowed from Nana and Papa and her dad! I am so thankful she still wants to dress up...I will be sad when she decides not too...

Brooke was a baby...this was a last minute change...which she ended up loving! She wanted to be a cowgirl at first...but we couldn't find any boots at Goodwill and I wasn't going to spend much on them for just one night! So we started looking at Target and we saw the footed PJs. Well...Brooke loves hers and I said...I will buy you a binky...that was all I needed to say...BINKY! That girl loved her binky when she was little so getting a chance to wear her pjs and suck on a binky...WOW! What a cheap costume! A $4 binky with a holder on it! Love it!

Matt carrying his baby this one: Too bad they grow up too fast!

Happy Halloween! I almost forgot to post our Halloween night pics! EEK!!
Now Jaden...had a little trouble deciding what to be...wanted to be an AirForce pilot. But I couldn't find one in his size! He really wants to join the Air Force when he grows up...Lord Help me!! But I totally support him if that is what God calls him too do. So we looked on the internet and found this mummy costume. All you needed was a white sheet and dye it with Tea. So I bought a $9 sheet, dyed it and then ripped it up in stripes! I used a pair of his sweats and glued it them on and there you have it! A mummy! Now one thing you should know is...Jaden is my picky one...if something doesn't fit right...or feels weird...he get's upset! So we had to have a few talks about how a mummy is messy! And the funny thing is...he got so many complements from people! I was like...uh huh! So for less than $20...I got all 3 of them in a Halloween costume! Thank you Jesus!!!

One of our stops each year is Rusty and Linda Cramer! They always give my kids giant size candy bars! About 5 of them for each of them! They love going there!

Mrs. Shirley Eslinger...she is so fun!

This is my Uncle Don and Aunt Shirlene

Here is Nana and Papa!

Christy and Dave...Dave spoils my kids! He bought them bat poop, eye balls and popcorn balls! My kids love them!

We went to the Tuckers and had some chili and trick or treated with them for awhile...

Here is our glowing pumpkins!!

Now...this is our stash!! Can you believe this candy! This is ridiculous! Really! Here is what I do with it...I bag it up and freeze the chocolate and when we go on a trip or to the movies...I take it back out and use it!

And to end is Matt and I's reads "This Button is My Costume"...we are to cheap to buy this will probably be our forever costume!!

So that was Halloween at the Thomasons! Finally!!


  1. So very cute~and look like tons of FUN! :)

  2. Steph - I am praying for Lori and posting her prayer request on my blog. I am just heartbroken for her and will be crying out on her behalf to the Throne of Grace! I just despise cancer and I think that we have to rebuke it every chance we get!

    I am a pastors wife also and I think I may have become one kicking and screaming saying" I will NOT be a pastor's wife"! Ha! God indeed has a sense of humor and I will pray for you as well my sister. We are a breed of our own...

    I look forward to following your blog. You just excude the Love of the Lord! If you are a friend of Loren... that's all it takes for me. She is fabulous.

    Stop by my other blog. Maybe you will find some common ground with another pastors wife and mother of 3. (and Nana to 5!)

    Love to you!

  3. I love the buttons, haha, I need those! I am not creative at all, so that works great for me! The kids were cute, and I think it's funny that your boy is the picky one!

  4. Great family fun. I know you are cherishing it!


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