Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lead Now...will you be there?

Just curious if any of you PW's will be at the Lead Now conference in Dallas this week? Matt and I will be there. If you are...let me know...would love to meet in person!! I am totally ready to go! We get to have lunch with Francis Chan and Kari Jobe will be leading worship! If you haven't read Crazy it. It challenged me to love people more!! He has a new book called Forgotten God about the Holy Spirit. All I have to say is...WOW!! So if your going...let me know!


  1. Oh Steph! How cool is that ????? Francis Chan! OMG !!
    He is AWESOME! I need to read that Forgotten God book maybe I could borrow it when you are done?

    Can't wait to hear about this trip and meeting him :)

    Have a blessed week

  2. I know it will be an incredible conference. I wish I was going and I REALLY wish I was going so I could meet you in person! :)
    Have fun and take good notes for some great blogging when you return.


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