Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Fatih and Summer...The Newest Thomasons!

Well the last few weeks have been busy! They are like having newborns around! LOL! Ok...maybe not because I can put them outside and let them sleep at night and not wake me up! But here is the story on each of them...
First...this is Faith..

She is one of Maggie's puppies! We were not going to keep one of her puppies until we had to put Maggie asleep and then everything changed. Since that day...I have just loved this little puppy to pieces. It has made losing Maggie a little easier on our kids. The kids came up with the name because we have "Faith" that God will take care of us in the good times and the bad and she is a reminder of just how much God loves us. Faith acts so much like Maggie. She loves people, she loves to lay on your lap and love on you. She loves her belly rubbed. She sits on your feet! She is full of life!!! If you notice her little eye...one of the other puppies before we sold them...scratched her eye. For about a week we were not sure if she would be blind it had gotten so bad and infected...but Praise God she is on the road to recovery thanks for Dr. Kristina!! She is so smart and can already sit and is doing well on the potty training.

Second...meet Summer...

Isn't she pretty? First I have to tell the story about Mrs. Vicki Summers..Vicki was a lady in our church that raised dogs. My daughter Lauren adored Vicki and wanted to be just like her! Get to play with puppies all day! They shared a passion for dogs like no other. Vicki passed away about 2 years ago this Thanksgiving from cancer (hate the c word). She was an incredible woman of God. Homeschooled her kids as long as she could, raised 4 Godly children who all love and serve the Lord in their lives. I admired her as a mom and a Christian. She was a spunky..tell you how it is woman!! Loved that! It was a very sad day for Lauren when she heard about Vicki. A couple of months after she died, Tom...her husband brought Lauren a dog sweater vest that Vicki wanted Lauren to have. She felt so blessed to have it.

Now onto how we got Summer... Matt talked to Mr. Tom...after hearing about us losing Maggie and how we wouldn't be able to breed anymore...he decided to give Lauren one of Vicki's puppies. Matt and I were a little worried about having 3 dogs because we didn't plan on keeping a puppy....or getting another one...but you know...when those kids look at you and give you those literal "puppy eyes" it is hard to say No. So a couple of weeks ago we went to Mr. Toms and got Summer. We named her Summer after Vicki Summer. She had been in a pen for 4 months and really wasn't used to being around so many people...especially all 5 of us dog lovers!! So it took her a few days to warm up to us, but she is so beautiful and so sweet! I know she will be a great dog. Now...one thing about this puppy is she has a Championship bloodline. WOW! You can tell that by her black eyes and nose...did you know that about Labs? Anyway...it really doesn't matter to me so much...We just love her!! So now we can one day breed her and Lauren can continue the dream of having puppies around! We don't want to breed Faith after all the trouble Maggie had. Thanks Mr. Tom...you are so sweet and we love you so much for doing this for our family.

This is Tom and the kids with Summer when we went out there:

Here are both of the puppies together...notice how white Summer is! COOL!

This is Faith..she loves to have her belly rubbed and she will just lay in your arms like a baby!! So Sweet!!! I want her to stay little!!!

So this has kept me very busy...medicine in Faith's eye...potty training and loving on them...I just love to hold them. It brings me joy! An our Lab Mazi, had her heart worm treatment so she is in the house for a month because she can't run until then. So it's just dogs...dogs and more dogs! Our kids are in heaven...oh the joys of being a mom!!


  1. I love looking at dogs and visiting them, but we aren't dog people. So I am so glad all your dogs have a great home! What fun times! They are both so pretty!

  2. Soooo Cute! For some reason, I missed this post!? They are precious Steph and i am sure they are keeping you busy. Believe me, i am right there with ya. A new kitty, a cattle dog, and our older kitty Taffy. (plus 3 girls) ;)
    Life is fun with these creatures. Have fun, they look like they are settling in great. :)


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