Monday, January 10, 2011

And so begins Birthday Bonanza

Yes...for some crazy reason all of our kids bdays are within 3 weeks of each other...
And No...we did not plan a single one of these kids so NO we didn't plan their 
Birthdaysso close together!!
God did...:)

We have changed up the birthdays around here to just a few friends, but lots of fun!
I would rather spend money on doing something they really want to do with their
best buds then have a bunch a kids here & try to entertain all of them!! 

Matt takes them out for breakfast...Jaden always pics...Waffle House...(gag)
Then they get to pick somewhere to go for dinner....this year Jaden picked 
"Joes Crab Shack" in Tulsa. He got to take his Best Bud Baylor with him
because they actually share the same birthday!
He loves Crab Legs!!
Those boys are a so funny...they both like Root beer. Notice the bibs...
"Let's Get Crackin"
And my kids don't like cake...unless it's Grandma Z's we always
get Krispie Kreme donuts & stack them up to make a little cake. 
On Saturday we took him & a few friends to play paintball because he 
got all this paintball equipment for his bday! 
They had so much fun despite being cold! 
Nana & Papa came down to help us get the party started!!
All decked out ready to shoot!!!

Sign Says: Chicken Hospital 
Jaden made it for Ginger. 
Our lab jumped the fence & bit Jaden's chicken...
Poor Ginger, not sure if she will recover.
We are nursing her back as best as we can
and saying a some prayers!
Felt sorry for the little guy on his bday!!

We try to do birthdays big around here!
It's your special day once a year!! 
We don't go out much around here, but for their
bdays...we DO! 

Happy Birthday Jaden!
WE love you!


  1. Ha- You crack me up...Waffle House!! gag for sure! ;)
    You guys are like us....Fall time for us is killer on all the birthdays but so fun to celebrate like every month.

    BTW...i love yalls tradition of Krispie Kreme donuts! husband would die for one of those scrumptious items!! LOL..they closed all the ones down here in Houston. (so wrong) lol :)

    Looks like Jaden had a wonderful day.

  2. Omgosh what a super fun birthday. I think they should be a big deal. How fun and the cake looks superb to me :) Happy Birthday Jaden!

  3. I want to come spend my birthday with the Thomasons!! You guys always have SO MUCH FUN!! Hope his Bday was a good one :)

  4. What a fun time! I can't believe though that your kiddos don't like cake ... what? Krispi Kreme though, are a SUPER alternative!

  5. Ah, my 3 children are almost 3 weeks apart from each other too! March 22nd, April 4th and April 23rd, it's rough!! We did not plan it that way either... I seemed to get pregnant in the summer for some reason only known to God! Also funny that we love Joe's Crab Shack and we have to drive from Reno to Sacramento to get the closest one on occasion. I love the Krispie Kreme cake!

    *Found you on Warren Baldwin's site.

  6. Happy Birthday Jaden! My kids don't eat cake either!! And yes, people look at them strangely all the time-lol. We do ice cream cakes..but donuts---that is a FANTASTIC idea!!


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