Wednesday, January 5, 2011

why i count it all JOY Wednesday!!

Oh my! I almost forgot it's Wednesday! EEK!
I am still trying to get back in the Swing of things this week!!
So join my friend Angel & Count your JOYS!!

WhY Am I FilLeD WiTh JOY??

Back to a routine this week.

I have a few days off!

I'm having lunch with a few friends this week...much needed.

Meeting with a photographer friend to learn more about my passion!!

My baby boy will turn 10 on Saturday...sniff sniff....
they will all be in the double digits know..WEIRD!

With birthdays means getting to go our to dinner 
which means NO cooking!!

Starting the Winter Health Challenge at church on
Thursday & Danny Cahill the winner of 
The Biggest Loser will be speaking!
I need motivation!!

There is a possibility of SNOW next week!
I. Can't. Wait!! 

Enoch...he walked with God. 
What a simple example of how we should
live our lives for Him.

I have 2 new lens for my camera.
uh huh this makes me Joyful!!
I took some pics of Lauren last week that I will
share at another time. 
I am learning more about Photoshop too!!
Here is an example...

That God loves me no matter what.

Hope you have some JOY to spread today!! 
The JOY of the Lord is my strength...


  1. This was fun to read! Thank you for sharing your joy! Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. Yay for time off for you!! Love your JOY post!! Thank you for posting last week even when I didn't. The Winter Health Challenge sounds cool, can you email me and let me know some details and whether you have to attend church there to come. I am in Owasso on Thursdays usually for basketball practice with the twins!!

    Love you friend!!

  3. Always enjoy your Wednesday posts, always good stuff!
    BTW, do you know how bad I want to go to PW retreat!!??!!?? But seeing how a house goes on the market this month, a move happens this summer, & Ryan & I are planning a little getaway in Feb... I'm out! :( so bummed but know there will be another one to attend. Church planting will be ruling our ;) in a very awesome way!


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