Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A plan...A challenge...join me.

Yep...I am a person who needs a plan. For sure!
My mom & sister joke with me about "what's the plan?"
Because I am always asking that question.
I just want to be prepared people!!!

These last few months I have not been as consistent about
my bible reading time. Why? Well...I think it's because I haven't
had a plan!!  I have read what I needed to for my
BSF lessons & really dug deep into those, but besides that I haven't
pushed myself in my time with God like I should.

Matt has been reading the bible Chronologically by using
Youversion. It is a bible application that Lifechurch.tv puts
out there for everyone. The application has all types of reading
programs to help you out.

Welp...I've decided to join him!

What I like about it is I always have it available to me because
it's on my Iphone. I can read anytime...anywhere. Love that!
You can also download it onto your computer & use it on there.

So I'm asking you to join me if you don't have a plan already.
Let's read thru the bible this year together.

Sound like a plan?? Follow the link to Youversion if you
don't have it already & let's get started!!
Goal #2...read the bible Chronologically


  1. Love it! You know to share the Word, or to share Jesus is EVER copycatting!

    If you fail to plan
    you plan to fail :)

    Love u!

  2. Doing mine too..chronologically! :)
    Happy New Year!


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