Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

Join my friend Angel & spread some JOY!
The JOY of the Lord is my strength..Clap clap!!

Why Am I filled with JOY this week?

Matt's mom & stepdad came this weekend & took us to lunch
@ Olive Garden. Joyce always brings the kids a YUMMY cake
& they are so cute too!!

I am subbing everyday this week in my favorite class!
I've missed those kindergarteners!

My parents are in Hawaii having a great time!
One of their friends gave them a free trip!!
So blessed! My dad keeps texting me pics from there.
I'm trying not to be jealous of their 80 degrees weather!
This is where they had a luau...spectacular view!!

Before they left we celebrated all the kids bdays at 
their house. Mom made lunch & this cookie!
My cousin Michael & his wife Gina had their first baby on Dec. 31st.
They brought baby Jillian to see us last week.
 She is just gorgeous!!! 
I love watching my cousins with their babies!!

My sis is coming this weekend. I have missed her!

We received a letter from our Compassionate child...Oswaldo
last week. He drew us a picture...oh it just makes my heart jump with JOY!

Text from my PW's on Sunday mornings saying they are praying for me.

We have managed to stay healthy thru all the sickness! I think 
everyone I know has a sick kid!! 

I have been reading thru the bible Chronologically...I'm in
Genesis right now. That book is like a big drama soap opera!
Whoever says the Bible is boring needs to read the Old Testament!
I love seeing how God uses people who didn't always make the right
choices...but He still blessed them. 

I hope all of you can stop today & praise GOd for all the JOY 
in your life. I love this day every week. 

You shall go out in JOY
and be led back in peace;
the mountains and the hills before you
shall burst into song,
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. 
Isaiah 55:12


  1. Hooray for fighting off germs!! That cake looked awesome with the cowboy boot! I am sure it tasted delicious!! Oh, Hawaii!! How nice!! And what a sweet baby!!

  2. Oh! I saw your FB talking about your mom & dad! How cool is that!! It truly is the most beautiful place in the world to be :) I say all the time that God was in the BEST mood ever when HE was creating Hawaii. :)

    The cake looks yummy!

    OMG I know what you mean about the Bible being a soap opera! I just sit and think about it and wonder how in the world those things went on ....some are worse than even today!!!!

    Have a great time with your Sis! I have to miss this weeks meeting because my Stepmom is arriving tomorrow! I don't want to be rude and tell her I have to go to this on her first night plus she is staying with me LOL

    Still praying!!
    Love you!

  3. So jealous of your mom and dad!! Would love to go to Hawaii!! You crack me up with the old testament being like a soap opera, so true!!

    Don't ya just love those babies!!

    Have a fun week in Kindergarten!!
    Love you

  4. I have loved reading through the bible chronologically too! Its been soul nurturing to be faithful to His word. May we spur one another on! :)


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