Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflecting on 2010 has came & went already. Speedy little thing I must say.

I have been reflecting on some of my Goals I put out there on the blog
world at the beginning of 2010. All of them have been accomplished in
some fashion.

These Goals are in no particular order...

Goal #1...Have More Fun...check. I relaxed on some things in life &
decided to not be a bump on a log in certain situations..took time to play
games & go outside with the kids. Let the house be messy sometimes & didn't
freak completely out & blow a gasket.

Goal #2...Run a 5k. Not only did I run 1 5k...I ran 3 & in each I lost 1 minute
off my time. I went from 33 min to 31 minutes. That. Is. Huge. For. Me.

Goal #3...Be Intentional. We started having bible studies with the kids & applying
scripture to their lives. Now I must admit...the last month or so...we didn't do as
good as job with this as we should have. We let the hustle & bustle get in our way.

Goal #4...Stronger Marriage. Of all the goals...I think we worked harder & saw
more growth in our marriage than in any area this year. We are finally on the same
planet as far as our finances & we don't allow arguments to get out of control like
we used too. We have had one of the best years I think so far. Once we confessed that
we really needed counseling & only got better from there.

Goal #5...Healthy Lifestyle. You know...we were really doing well on this until about
a month ago & all the goodies came along & we let it attach us like a wild beast!!
I am not kidding at all! With running comes some discipline & it forces you to
watch what you eat & drink on a more consistent level. So we are back in the
saddle so to speak today & not gonna let it slide again!!
(just noticed I did great on both #3 & #5 goals until a month ago...hmmm)

Goal #6...Take a photography Class. Did it! Learned so much. I want to take
another one soon. I bought 2 new lens for Christmas...SO EXCITED!!

I also made some amazing Pastor's wives friends from all over the states &
I totally treasure their friendships. I had a chance to meet a few of them in
October & I am soooo looking forward to May when we get to spend a
few days together in Nashville!

God led me to start mentoring our staff wives & that has been such a blessing
in my life. Our time together is precious to me.

Lots of change this year...lots of me letting change happen & not digging my
nails into the floor & saying "no way". But releasing things to Him & letting
Him guide me .

I could seriously PAUSE my kids ages right now. I love everything about
this age.

I am praying about new goals for this year. I already know a few that I have
on my heart. I am finding that I am just a type of person who needs to be
pushed...needs someone to say "here is the finish line"
or the direction you need to go. Or I will just wander around in "duh" land for
awhile like a crazy person. Seriously...I'm not kidding people.

I will post on them in the next few days. Happy New Year!!


  1. Congratulations on your goals met, especially the stronger marriage, and Happy New Year to you and your family! I think it's so cool that you, Loren and I all did our Counting it all Joy without Angel last week!
    Looking forward to this Wednesday!

  2. Enjoyed reading about your goals and what you've done with God in 2010. May God bless you in 2011.

    (I found you from All the Mus).



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