Monday, January 24, 2011

Serving One Another

Last week at Glimpse which is our youth program...
One of our pastors encouraged the youth to serve one another.

We have provided opportunities for our kids to serve
others...sometimes we just get busy & fail to do it. Excuses Excuses.

There are days when I want to scream & say..."Can't you think of
someone besides yourself??" to my kids...GULP....

Then I think...HELLO....go look in the mirror Stephanie &
get that plank out of your eye!!

We try to babysit for free once a month for a young couple.
This month was the Algaier's turn...

Last Friday God provided an opportunity for us to watch
3 Cutie Patooties!!! Sean & Misty Algaier's kids came over
and played with us & we had so much with them.

How can you say no to this face? This is her!!
(named after Jillian from Biggest Loser)
We made Chocolate Chip Cookies!
This is Ella...she is 3. Precious!!
And this is Greyson..he is almost 5. Cutie!!
He & Jaden were quite the buds.
Lauren is a huge help with the kids.
Actually all of them are very helpful. I am proud of them
My kids really can't comprehend how much a young couple 
appreciates their kids being babysat for free for a night out. 
They won't get it until they have their own.

When my kids were little like this...I yearned for a night out with my man.
It was hard to leave them with just anyone, but luckily my parents live close so I had help.
It was just too expensive to pay for a babysitter & a night out.
But we needed the time alone...even if we just went to Sonic to 
get a drink or walked around the park. 

We are so blessed to bless others. We really receive so much JOY from this!

I am sharing this with you...not to get a pat on the back or for you to think we are
just amazing parents who do for no no.  That is not it at all. I want to hear
how you are teaching your kids to be servants of Jesus Christ. Give me some ideas 
so we can use them with our family. I love how we can grow & share together!!

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving for the Lord, Not People. 
Eph. 6:7

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