Thursday, January 6, 2011

Camera Lens...:)

For months everyone in the photography world keep telling me to get this lens...
It's a 50mm with an F 1.8. It has changed my photography world! :)
This lens is only $100 on B & H & it takes amazing portrait shots.

The Aperture is so big (I know...1.8 sounds low..but in aperture world the smaller
the number the bigger the aperture..WHY do they do such nonsense things?) 
and it let's in so much light & also allows you to get those shots with the blurred 
background & focus in on your subject. 

To Explain Aperture this is how I look at's like your eye...the more you open
them the more light comes in...if you close your light comes in. 
Get it. Got it. Good.

Back in May one of my BFF's from HS...Kristy...had this lens & I fell in love with it.

Why? Because it has a huge range on it! It is a 18-270mm with a F 3.5-6.3
Though the Aperture isn't as can zoom in & out so easy! 
I found this Tamron on Craigslist for so inexpensive right after Christmas!
I have been waiting & watching for months to find a deal on this baby!!

So...I'm no professional (though I hope to be) but these are a few lens
 that I have found that are easy to use if you have an SLR camera. 

Just a little tidbit of info for you...:) 

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  1. I love my 50 mm will check into the 18-270mm. Thanks for the tidbit! I love photography too!


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