Friday, January 21, 2011

Time to Play!

School was out yesterday...and again today. That means it's time to play!
As our kids get older...our play time has changed & it looks a little different
than when they were little.

But when it's like we are all little kids again.

Fortunately God has given a Matt a job that allows him to take a random day
of here & there...and yesterday it was time to take advantage of that freedom!
Matt came home around 1:00 and it was 4 wheeling time!

We live out of town so our roads are less traveled than most so it's safe for
us to do this...all you safety monitors can calm down now. (my parents are
 kinda like that) . :)

One of their favorite things to do when it snows is this...
Now playing to me also means playing with my camera & working on my 
Photography please bare with me...I'm a little pathetic. 

Trying to catch the snow in the air...
Up close shots...Brooke is my little model. She loves taking pics.
In fact this was her idea...I tinted it red for her.
She made a shadow with her hands.
We always make a snow angel.
Jaden jumpin right in!
Allie & Lauren 
Best dad in the world!!
We attempted to pull all four...didn't last very long.
Oh the fun we have being pulled behind the 4 wheeler!

What do you like to do in the snow?? 


  1. Oh my word, that looks so fun!! I love sledding! I think you did a great job with the pictures!!

  2. I love seeing kids have fun. My grandkids love being pulled by the 4 wheeler, too. Awesome heart picture.


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