Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 or 1986?

No...this is not an old picture of us. We dressed up on NYE for a party we went too.

Got the jeans rolled up...& that is Matt's actual Letter Jacket.
I made some leg warmers & found those high tops for $3 at 
Goodwill. Stacked those bangs & that is my Guess Jean Jacket 
From High School. :) 
Super fun...but thank the Lord we do NOT have to dress like that
ANYMORE!!! Too much work!! LOL!

Our friends actually dressed up like the 70's...
Very cute I must say!
Here is the whole gang of kids that dressed up.

At midnight some of the Crazy guys jumped in the freezing 
cold pool for the Polar Bear plunge. And then ended
up in the hot tub to warm up. Fun times.

Happy New year my friends...2010 has been a good 
one for the Thomasons. 

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  1. OMG You guys look DARLING!!!!! LOVE THE BANGS :) Looks like soo much fun!

    Happy New Year :) Love you!


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