Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Dance 2...I ain't got the moves...

My MIL got Brooke Just Dance 2 for her birthday this weekend...

Can I tell you how much fun this game is?

But can I admit something else to ya....I STINK at it!! husband the non dancer has even beat me several times!!

It's image is shattered...I am no longer cool...

Oh the shame....LOL!!

I HIGHLY recommend this game for your Wii.

The kids are exercising & they don't even realize it!

We laugh so hard each time we play!

But I must work on my's pitiful....

I must DOMINATE!!!!!!

I'm not competitive at all...ok maybe just a little.

This is Matt & Jaden enjoying the game...

Have a great weekend everyone!!

How about u? U got the moves??


  1. OMGosh, we love this game. My daughter got Just Dance 1 over the summer and we had a blast with it so I got her 2 for Christmas and we love it even more!! So much fun and a good workout!!

    Have so much fun working on those moves!!

  2. We love it, just bought it a few weeks ago, and the boys beat the girls every time in our house. Bryce usually wins, but Alan sometimes beats him. Never mind that we pay MONTHLY for dance lessons for the girls, lol! It's pathetic. I always lose. Oh well.

  3. This is THE BEST GAME EVER!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Don't worry you will get it and then the boys will be put to shame LOL

    Happy Weekend girly! Love you


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