Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Days!

Matt was happy we bought a 4 wheel drive this morning...I snapped a shot
of him leaving for work. His truck does NOT do as well on this stuff.

I look forward to snow days!! Unexpected...unplanned time with the kids!!
What to do? What to do???? For some reason it makes me want to cook & eat
all day...not good huh? But I am trying to fill that time with cleaning & playing
instead today!!

Here is the view outside our front door...3 inches of school. Yeah!

Well..first I made them all clean out their closets...I know...mean mean mom!!
But you would not believe the clothes that were in their closets...we should be ashamed!!
Maybe even called hoarders!! I can't stand it when their rooms get all cluttered & full!

Wasting no time...they were out & headed to the creek by our house. The adventures
they have at the creek are always good.
All bundled up ready to go play in the snow! Later we will get out the 4-wheeler
& pull them on the sled. Fun times.

Happy Snow Day to all of you out there!!! 


  1. Jealous!!! ;) Send it our way.

  2. Oh awesome!! Cleaning out closets AND playing in the snow :) woohoo!! What a WONDERFUL DAY!! We all stayed in and I made a big pot of Pasta Fagioli and cherry chip heart shaped muffins and made a fire! We have Rylee and just enjoyed the day :)

    LOVE OUR SNOWDAYS for sure!! Love you ♥


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