Monday, January 17, 2011

Jesus Freaks meet Toby Mac

Way back in College we went to see a group called D.C. Talk...
listened to a song called..."Jesus Freaks"...loved their music.

Fast forward 20 years or so to the week before Lauren's bday & I see on Facebook that
one of my friends just got Toby Mac Tickets...and the concert is on Lauren's bday!!

WHAT??? I must get her tickets!!! She loves his music!!

Well..there are days when being a PK is to your advantage...and this was one of them!

Our friend Sean Algaier used to tour with TM & they are buds...I knew this tidbit of info
& immediately struck a deal with Sean to get Lauren backstage to meet with TM.
Lauren & her friends with Sean at the concert...
And not only did he do that...he got us in FOR FREE! Can I get an Amen?

Meet Toby Mac along with some Jesus Freaks...
He signed a poster for Lauren's bday.
We went to our seats & we were in the nosebleed section..but happy to be there.
As the concert was about to start we get a phone call from Sean's wife Misty (love her)
and she invites us to come down beside the stage in the private area...GET OUT!!
So we all hauled down there & we got to stand next to the stage & have our 
own little private area!!! SAY WHAT??? 
This is Liz (our campus pastor's wife) Misty & I...the boys called us their
"Eye Candy"...haha!! I truly adore these ladies. 
Lauren with Allie & Hanna & Greyson (Sean's Son)
The band gave Greyson their drum sticks after the concert.
Since we got in free...I splurged for some TM t-shirts.
Here are a few shots of the concert...they are full of action!!
 Toby is amazing at making you feel like you are at a worship service along with
being totally entertained. He gets into the crowd & loves on the people! I am telling
you he is in his mid 40's now...impressive!!

I really don't know how I'm gonna top this next year. But that's really ok. Seeing
the pure joy on her face & she is still talking about it today. Being in the youth 
ministry so long we took kids to concerts...worship services all the time. 
Watching one of mine at this concert was pretty much pure joy for me too. 
I am enjoying these days & soaking them all up. I am one blessed mom.

Happy Birthday to my little Jesus Freak Lauren!


  1. Sooo stinkin excited for you guys!! Man oh Man...Sean did UH MA ZING! Back stage passes, your own private area....GET OUT is right!! How awesome :) God is sooo good!

    Love ya!

  2. Looks like yall had a blast! What great memories Lauren will have and treasure. :)


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