Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bobby and Liz Reed

Meet our New Stone Canyon Campus Ministers...Bobby and Liz Reed! Is their family precious or what?
Bobby, Liz, Brady and Dawson
We are so excited to have Bobby and Liz on staff. Bobby grew up in our church. I can remember him as an ornery little squirt all the way up to being in the youth group. He was always up to something back of the fondest ?? don't know if that is the word...memories I have of him is standing on the back of a ski lift chair as I passed him on the other side about to have a HEART attack! Or maybe when I was about to make the big announcement that I was pregnant and he front of the group...I bet she is prego...oh my oh my...that Bobby Reed was something else. But I loved him even then! He was a leader...a solid kid. One you could count on. FCC is committed to raising leaders amongst our congregation, from our children's programs thru our adult's happening!  We have 6 people on staff (or their wives) that came up thru our programing @ FCC. That's just outstanding and I think testifies to our mission at our church. 
Now Bobby is all grown up and he has the most amazing heart for the lost and for growing the kingdom. I see his passion for reaching out and loving others and bringing them to a closer relationship with Christ.  You know in ministry you get a 2 for 1 deal and Oh and his wife Liz...her personality just lights up the room when she enters and  makes everyone she comes in contact with feel loved and that they have been friends for life! Liz also grew up in Owaso and came to our church sometimes. She also shares that passion for reaching the lost. I ask you to pray for The Reeds as they move from working in the business world to working in the church. It's not an easy transition and as many times as I say that...people will never understand that until they are in it for awhile. The possibilities are endless to what God can do thru this new campus. Again...I am just so thrilled to have them on staff. I know God has put the right person in place for the job. 
Welcome Bobby and Liz Reed!!! 


  1. Thank you for such kind words and thank you to both you and Matt for being such great role models and not mentors! We love you guys!!!

  2. BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh how important proofreading is.... Please omit the word "not" in front of mentors while reading the above comment.... Thanks.... HAHA Love you!


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