Monday, February 8, 2010

Sean Algaier:Influence

Over the last month we have been challenged to be an influence to everyone we come in contact with and connect them to Jesus. It has definitely made me more aware of how I treat the grocery work or anywhere I go. I am no longer just a mom...a wife...a teacher...a the stands...I am...Jesus to those around me. The intro video we had at church about this subject pretty much gave me the chills every time we watched it. Tim does a great job at putting these together. Make sure and pause my playlist at the bottom so you can hear the video.

Throughout the month Charlie has interviewed different people who are making a difference in our community...Lindsay @ the Pregnancy Resource Center being one of them. WOW! What an impact PRC is making in our community for Christ. Reaching moms and changing their lives in a huge way. This Sunday we were blessed to have Sean from the Biggest Loser share his testimony.
Sean with my kids and the James kids
 I have to say...that guy IS STINKIN FUNNY!! He had us laughing so much! He has an awesome testimony for Jesus and how he has worked in his life...not only thru the BL, but since he was a in 9 different foster homes. God had a definite plan in his life. The BL has opened up so many doors for him and God is using this experience to reach many for the gospel. We all have a chance every day to rub shoulders (as Charlie would say) with so many people for Jesus. Sometimes that is in a Big way and some times it's just reaching that one person God has prepared for us...a neighbor...a family member...there is someone. Doesn't it blow you away when what you hear at church and what is in your bible study matches up? happens to me all the time. Right now in John I am studying about loving others in order to point them to Jesus. John 13:34-35 A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.  We had a fun day and ended up going to lunch with him and his precious family! Misty his wife is so sweet! I feel like we will be getting together again...they live in Jenks so it's not that far! Their kids are adorable...this is their 2 daughters with them...their son was at another table. And yep...that's baby Jillian...named after Jillian from the show. :)
Now...I have been getting teased by some people about me meeting all these famous people...which I don't mind a bit! :) But people...I finally got a pic with 2 of the most famous people in Owasso! YAH HOO!! This my friends is our Sr. Pastor Charlie and our worship minister Tim. Oh my word! Can you believe this??? Finally a pic with them!!! I love these guys really. They make Sunday mornings worth getting up and going to church! WE have the best worship services around...I promise! Thanks guys for all you do. I truly treasure this pic...:) Love ya...mean it! They have truly influenced my life. 
So...go rub some shoulders with them and connect them to Jesus!


  1. He was wonderful and there baby is precious too! But you are right....I love Charlie and Tim too :) They are amazing men of God! I want to post this video on my blog too, how do I do that????

  2. How cool!! What an awesome testimony!! Your blog always is so encouraging, thanks!!


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