Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teacher moms...

Clap Clap Clap...this is me applauding working moms...all you teachers who work so hard to teach our children day in and day out and sacrifice time with your families to do a job that you love. For the last 2 weeks I have worked almost every day. One week in 6th grade and another in 1st grade (wow...Stone Canyon is an amazing school). It was so fun working...I enjoy the other ladies...I wish there was a job that I could just walk around and chat with everyone, laugh and entertain them. Yeah right! The schools are cracking down right now, using very little subs, making the teachers take their microwaves and fridges out of their rooms to save money. It makes me sad watch all the money wasted in this world on frivolous things and our schools are being cut back so drastically. Many women (moms) won't have jobs next year due to cutbacks. And I know they are NOT in it for the cashflow...they do it because they have a passion to teach and love those kids! Anyway...I have went off a little...sorry!
This week my house looks like a bomb went off in it! It's been a fun week getting to go to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but you play you pay! And Matt's gone this week so I'm a single mom too...:( I can't even tell you how much I admire these moms who do it by themselves all the time! I don't know how you working moms do it just everything that goes into a day! I know if I had to...I could step up and do would take my family pitching in WAY more. But I am thankful for all you moms who teach and love our kids. My kids have AMAZING teachers!  Thanks and blessings to you! So hug and appreciate your teachers today...(some of them spend more time with your child than you do)...they need the encouragement!!


  1. I second that! Sad to know that many of these teachers will not know if they even have jobs next year until July! Ludicrous!

    Makes me scared that they will possibly replace a kindergarten teacher who has a passion for kindergartners and replace her with a fifth grade teacher from another school who doesn't like kindergarteners. Having a special needs child, makes me wonder how he will suffer.

  2. I want a job where I can just walk around and chat and entertain people too... Let me know when you find one! Annnddd I am already planning on not getting a teaching job right out of college, which stinks! Schools and education get cuts first, which is ridiculous! Hello, those kids are the leaders of tomorrow (and probably today as well) and someone needs to train and prepare them properly!

  3. Good tribute to moms and working moms. And you are so right on about wasting money and leaving our schools to have to suffer along with sagging resources. It is a shame. Special commendations to teachers for hanging in there!


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