Saturday, February 6, 2010

Casting Crowns: Worship

The concert was at the Spirit Bank Event Center last night...what a great place! Covered parking and places to eat right there! We ate at Which Wich? YUMMY! You pick the sandwich you want...pick the sack that goes with it and check what you want on your sandwich...easy! I got a Chicken Pesto sandwich. It was delicious!! 
Brooke, Danielle (my niece) and Lauren with their sacks!
Brooke was very impressed with her tiny Rice Krispie that came in her sack!
I bought the girls some T-shirts...this was part of their bdays and Christmas.
Ready to worship!
Danielle and I
The night started off with the Chapman boys...Caleb and Will. You in Steven Curtis Chapman! I have always been a HUGE SCC fan! Loved his concerts and to see his boys all grown up and singing on stage...I felt like a proud Aunt or something. They are great and a lot like their dad. 
And of course we had to get a pic with them!
Kutless came next...which I love their worship music!
If you have ever been to a Casting Crowns know it's not a's a worship service and that is why I love to go to their concerts so much. When you leave you feel like you have been at the feet of Him the praise. Mark and the band have a heart for the local church. He is a youth minister at his church and teach the youth on Sundays. You can feel his passion for building up the body of Christ thru his ministry of worship. I appreciate that about him as a pastor's wife. He is very real about it and I admire him for that...the church isn't full of perfect people...we are all a mess...just trying to live for Jesus. Jesus doesn't need us...He wants us!
Casting Crowns!
It was a great night. I love spending time with my girls and Danielle. I think taking them to Christian concerts are so important! I want them to see the joy in worshiping together. I pray they desire Godly music in their lives. I know I can look back in my life and see how my heart changed when I started to listen to Christian music. It impacted me more than I realized. I want to expose them to it as much as's a great investment. I know it was good for me to be there last night...I always come home feeling closer to God and encouraged in my walk. 
Have you ever seen Casting Crowns? Or do you have a favorite Christian Artist? 


  1. Ha! That is a great way to put it (in regard to the Chapman boyz) - that you feel like a proud aunt! LOL I follow SCC and MBC on twitter, and just hear how proud they are of their boys!

    I love, love, love Casting Crowns and they put on a fabulous concert - that is like a worship service. They truly are serving the Lord in what they do :)

  2. Great Pictures! Looks like you and the girls had a blast. :) I love the t-shirts.

  3. You're like the coolest mom ever!!


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