Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines day!

We woke up for church and it was snowing! Imagine that! Matt always leaves around 6:00 am for church and before he went he left this for his girls....
I love fresh flowers...roses are pretty...but they die so fast! These were so pretty!
Lauren's Roses
Brooke's Roses
Now those of you who really know Matt and I...know that this is huge for Matt. Being Mr. Romantic has not come easy for him in our marriage. One thing about my dad you need to know is...he always gave my mom great gifts for special occasions. I watched that my whole life and when I got married I expected the same thing...the only thing is...I married a guy who just didn't see that as a big deal or at least as big as deal as I did. I love to give gifts and I just couldn't understand why he didn't! I don't need big gifts or anything...just a card makes me happy. But over time I have learned that having a husband who shows me how much he loves me everyday...not just on a better than any gift I could ever get. AMEN! But you know...when I let it go...God took care of it for me. 
I was just so proud of him for giving the girls roses and a sweet card about how much he loves them. Knowing their daddy loves them will effect how they feel about how their "Father in Heaven" loves them. The flowers were from Matt and Jaden actually. Jaden's wife is going to be lucky...he loves to give gifts. Speaking of..he made me this lego sweet.
Brooke Made us all these cute cards! 
And Lauren bought Lunch for us from Captain Ds!! Yum!!
Nana brought us some yummy cupcakes and few other fun things!
We gave the kids little chocolate hearts...the love these things. For a $1 it just makes their day! My grandpa always had these at his house and they were fascinated with these.
And they LOVE Lindors Chocolate so I got them a think I spent a fortune by their reaction!
And People...this is a plate of Happiness for Matt Thomason! Steak...baked potato...Asiago cheese bread
All for you babe! :) 
And to top it off...Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Bananas!!! YUM!!!
The kids ate them up!
So we had a Fun day. As the kids get older things just seem to get "sweeter". Love spending time with them as a family playing Dogopoly (like Monopoly except with dogs) watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition and America's funniest Videos. Thank you Jesus for my sweet little Valentines. 



  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day!

    Great pictures of all of you- what a precious family.

  2. Great Daddy's think alike! What a nice surprise too for your girls. :)
    I agree, we have some very special husbands who love God dearly and their family. I couldn't ask for anything more!
    Happy Valentines to you!

  3. What a sweetheart your hubby is.....He really did good and the Lord blessed you all with such a fun and loving day! HE IS SOOO GOOD!!

    Love ya

  4. The cookbook has been great so far. The lasagna was the best lasagna I have EVER had. And it was super easy. I definitely recommend making it. And I love you too. And Matt. I haven't had the greatest example of marriage to model my future marriage after and your posts are always good lessons for me. Thanks!


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