Monday, February 22, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa T came to visit!

Saturday Grandpa and Grandma Thomason came for a visit! We ate at Red Robin...yum! Then headed to the kids basketball games!
Grandpa Thomason and Jaden
The whole gang hanging out between games
We had a great time hanging out with them for the day. It was a wonderful surprise to see them! I had class that morning, but when I got home the kids showed me some of the goodies they had brought for them. Grandma had made some yummy chocolate chip cookies...she says they aren't her best ones...but my kids....and the big kid Matt didn't have any trouble eating some of them! :) Grandma works @ OSU so she brings Jaden some cool posters from there when she can. But this time she brought Jaden a picture signed by the one and only Pistol Pete! 
We need to get it framed for him. He is a big OSU fan! My kids love when their grandparents come and hang out for the day. It makes them feel loved and special! They always take us out to eat and that's a real treat because we don't go out much! Matt and I are thankful that our kids have grandparents that live close enough they can come visit for the day. Not many families in the ministry are blessed enough to have their family so close! So thanks Grandma and Grandpa Thomason for making the trip to Owasso to spend time with us! We really enjoy it and appreciate it! 
Apparently Gary (Grandpa) reads my blog everyday to keep up with our family... I had no idea! 
That just makes me feel loved! 


  1. What great family pictures!

    Grandpa can get on-line? Amazing!!!

  2. How sweet! I wish we had family that lived close, but it makes the visits all that more special!


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