Friday, February 19, 2010

HBTU Krista!

Today is my sis-n-laws bday! I have blogged about Krista before... here. I always look forward to spending time with Krista. She and I are a lot alike and we both like to have fun! We met @ Ozark Christian College when I was a freshman and she was a sophomore. We lived on Goodman 3rd together. She was already dating Brian (Matt's bro) when I met her. Little did I know that we would have a lifetime friendship of being sister-n-laws. I actually went to Stillwater with her once and met Matt's family before Matt and I were even a thought! We became such a great friends that I was in their wedding..on my bday! At that time Matt and I were just friends...nothing else...though of course I secretly had the biggest crush on him...I kept that under wraps!
Krista grew up as a Preachers kid in Tyro, KS and I feel like she has such wisdom on how to raise kids in the ministry. When we are together I can let my guard down. I can talk to her about things no one else would ever get. Our times together are very precious to me. I can "unload" on her and she can do the same with me. Being married to brothers...even though they are very different in some ways...they are very much the same in other she gets my frustrations and understands where I am coming from on things. I think God specifically put Krista and I together as sis-n-laws...we work together well on holidays and trips back to Stillwater to see the family. Thru Krista and I being friends I think it has brought Matt and Brian's relationship closer also. I am so thankful for our "real" friendship. I honestly love our times together when we can sit and chat. She inspires know she just published a bible study this year! Take a is geared toward reaching the lost and those who are new in their faith.
She is a hard worker...loves and supports her husband. Is a fantastic mom...her kids are top notch amazing kids! She is frugal...if you knew what they lived on...well...let me just say...most of us wouldn't be able too with 3 kids. She has survived a tornado totally destroying her house while her and the kids sang praise songs in their basement and not a speck of dust touched the doorway of the room they were in!! That story still gives me goose bumps! She still sews her own clothes...cans her food...I mean...pretty much the Proverbs 31 lady...but dresses hip and is edgy! Anyway...just love and adore her. So grateful she is in my life. I would be lost without her at family gatherings! They are coming to visit in a couple of weeks...can't wait. I thank God for putting her in my life!!
Alexis (my niece), Lauren and Krista
Happy Birthday Krista!! 

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  1. Happy bday to your sis-in-law.

    But Steph, when were you at Ozark? Have we already had this conversation?


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