Saturday, February 13, 2010

Class #1

I went to Apertures this morning and on my way I was praying that I would be able to grasp what they were saying and learn a lot. I was totally nervous to go to class. I haven't been a student in about 15 years. I am used to being the teacher so my role was switched today. The class started at nine so I arrived about 8:45ish so I wouldn't be late. And I sat there...and sat there in the parking lot. A few more cars came...and finally about 9:05 another lady and I started to chat. We had both signed up on the internet and no one had called us. I had called yesterday just to make sure what I suppose to bring to class...but hadn't received any other info beyond that. Which bugged me a say the least. So the lady and I agreed to sit there and wait until they opened at 10:00...and that's what I did. The employees arrived and we questioned them about the class and apparently the website is messed up and they didn't know we were coming. So Natalie (the owner) called her husband and he was there in a flash to start teaching us. Shoowee! I was stressing! I thought NO WAY did I just drive into Tulsa and sit here for an hour to just turn around and go home!  But you know...God always works out things for the good of those He loves. It was just 3 of us in the class and we got one on one time with him. It was fabulous! So much to tell you if you are into photography. I learned what Aperture is...ISO...and shutter speed and though I thought I knew a little something about each of them...apparently I really didn't...but I do know more than the other 2 so that felt good. I am the oldest in the class...LOL!!!  We are going to learn how to set each of them so they work together to give you the best picture possible! I actually HAVE homework! And I am excited to do the homework! Imagine that!! So thanks for all your prayers. It went great! I was totally into it and can't wait to learn more!!!!


  1. Yay girl!! So glad...that would have been a total bummer if no one had showed up!

  2. How cool! Good thing they got everything squared away!!

  3. SHOOWEE is right! WOW ~ they almost messed up didn't they! Sooo glad he arrived and you got that one on one time! Brian and Connie took classes there together and Brian LOVED it! I just read him this post and he said to tell you if you have ANY questions please call and he would help with whatever! Sooooo glad you enjoyed it and I know you will grow in your love and gift of photography!


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