Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NJHS Induction/5 years?

Last Thursday Lauren was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at the 7th grade center. In order to apply your grade point average has to be a 3.5 and then you have to apply for it by getting signatures of all the teachers/sponsors of activities you have been involved in. They had a little ceremony on Thursday night. She was one of the 172 students in her class to be inducted...there are 700 students in her grade so I think that is pretty good! She must get her smarts from Matt because I was never this good of a student! :) You have to earn points in NJHS by doing community service...which I think is great!! It teaches them how to be leaders in their community. Here she is before with some of her buds...
Shelby, Courtney and Lauren
Waiting to hear her name called...
Mr. Coke...her principal giving her the award
Smile for mom!

Her fans...Nana and Papa and the fam...

Lauren and Aubrey...had to take this of them actually dressed up!

I am so proud of her. I had a strange moment while we were there...they took a group picture of all the kids...as I watched them sitting there my mind fast forwarded about 5 years from now...to Graduation. All the parents and family gathering...excited...taking pictures...I just stopped and realized I will be spending a lot of time with these people in the next 5 years. 5 YEARS short years!!! REALLY!! I kinda went into this little trance for a bit...not wanting to talk to anyone...just taking in the moment. We have made a lot of friends in this group of people...a lot of them go to our church. I look forward to creating lots of precious memories with each of these families.
Congrats Lauren! 

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  1. Good job, Lauren! Definitely something you can be proud of!!

    Steph - I know that the 5 years between now and graduation DO go extremely quickly - my daughter, Riley will graduate in May!! Hold on to those precious memories!! God bless!


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