Friday, February 12, 2010


I was able to get off of work to go to the Reveal. I wasn't sure if I should go or not...but it worked out so I went...I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing...and you know...HMF is one of my goals! As soon as I got there they pulled me along with about 20 other "blue shirts" down the street to the white tent where they made things. I had no idea what they were going to do with us...but I went. They put us in place and then we stood there...oh for about 2 hours...freezing!! I had to pee so bad!! But I knew as soon as I walked would all begin...whatever it was!  I did get to meet Eduardo and take a pic!
This is the "boss" guy with a major Boston accent! LOVE IT! He was the director! I want his job!
The bus...wish I had that on my Yellowstone trip!

Then next thing I know they say...Ok here is what's happening...the bus will pull up...Miranda Lambert and Sheryl Crow will come out...WHAT?!?! is exactly what I wanted to shout! Oh how I wish my girls were with me, because they are gonna kill me when I tell them this!  So...the bus pulls up Miranda and Sheryl come out and Ty and the other designers welcome them and we part the sea and they walk thru us! Worth the wait! Now..couldn't take any pictures then...sorry! You can't see the moment I met Miranda and Sheryl. Oh well. Just vision it in your mind. We had about 3 takes of it before they liked we got to do it several times...look for me there when you watch the show...I'm behind Ty...I promise I didn't touch him.
Afterwards they took us back to the house and put us next to the driveway to welcome the family home. So we sat there for another 2 hours...freezing until I couldn't feel my toes and shaking. Yah yah...I know...waa waa. It was worth it! I totally dig learning all about the behind the scenes of things so I loved it!! This is me waiting beside the driveway...I will be behind the bus when they show it.
So they practiced bringing in the limo about 4 times before they actually brought them in. And we filmed us yelling Move that Bus without the family coming know they cut and edit it all together! It was just fun seeing it all happen! This is the Gigantic Limo they came in!!
This is Callie...her wish was to help design a Makeover home...she has CF. Thought a lot about Haley P. when I saw her and her family.

Here is Sheryl and Miranda...I could take their pic here.
The Starkweathers...the best part of the whole experience...getting to see the joy on their faces.

What a blessing for their family. You can go here for their story.
It was a true blessing to be a part of this experience. I applaud Simmons homes for their hard work and giving spirit. Many blessings in your new home Starkweathers!!


  1. WOW! What an experience. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Can't wait for it to air!

  2. Wow, how cool! I sorta wish they didn't have to cut and edit everything, and they did it all live!


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