Monday, February 1, 2010


Today is Brooke's 11th bday! She is the typical middle child. The pleaser, the funny one...the jokester...the emotional know. Brooke Naomi is her name. Her middle name was my amazing Grandma Dickey's first name...Naomi. What's interesting is...when we went to see my Grandma's sister Reva back in May...she teared up and looked at Brooke (without knowing Naomi was her middle name) and said...she reminds me of Naomi so much. We all choked up for a bit.
My parents always tell me she acts just like I did when I was little. She looks so much like me also. If she had red hair she would be my twin! I will have to scan a pic and put it on here sometime of me when I was little. She is built (poor thing) just like me too. Short and chunky! Or what we like to say...Fun Size. LOL! Brooke is a little more girly than Lauren, but still not a girly girl. She loves dogs and animals also. She has this raspy little voice that we say it sounds like she smokes a pack of cigarettes and drinks a cup of coffee a day! :) I love her little voice. It's so distinct. She loves to sing. One of the best presents we EVER got her was a little karaoke machine. That girl has logged lots of hours on that machine singing. Since she was little she has loved cell phones. We will be in trouble when she gets one next year. She is a talker...I have no idea where she gets it from...:) And she is a little sassy...where does she get that? We call her Brookie...or Shmookie...and she loves that!
This is her favorite stuffed animal "Hot Rod" that she has had forever! She is so little here!
Brooke is one of those girls who says what's on her mind...sometimes I'm like...WHAT? It cracks me up! She likes to wear a little make up, but we aren't quite letting that happen outside the house yet! She likes her hair to be fixed, but nothing to girly. She has a few little best friends that have been her friends for years and they are great girls! I am very thankful for that. But one thing about Brooke is...she isn't afraid to meet new people and help a new person out at church or school. I really think she will be a missionary someday. I could totally see that. When we feed the homeless people downtown..she is a natural...not afraid to sit and chat with them or give them a sandwich. I love to watch her in that environment.
This morning she is going to Panera with Matt (yum)! Then she wants to go to Ted's Mexican restaurant tonight...yeah!! So she is going to have a great DAY!! 
Brooke Naomi...we are so proud of you! You are Beautiful!!
We love you!! 


  1. I remember when Brooke was born. I think Hannah was her first babysitter outside the family. How can she be 11? Happiest of birthdays Brooke!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet Brooke. She sounds alot like my Avery girl. The middle child seems to always have the sweetest and pleaser personality. :)
    Have fun with her today.


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