Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting...Take 1

We took on our first "free babysitting night" by the Thomason's on Friday night. And let me tell you...WE. HAD. FUN!!! The winners this month were 3 precious little Aberle kids named Saleh (7), Bryson (6) and Charis (4). The fun part about all of this is...I have known Cari..their mom...for so long! She grew up at FCC and her family is one of those families you look at and say...I hope my kids turn out as good as theirs. Cari's mom was a Godly...firecracker of a woman who homeschooled and raised 4 Godly amazing kids (with the help of Tom their dad...who is fabulous himself). So I knew taking care of Cari and Alan's kids would be a delight! And let me tell was just that!! We ate pizza and then they went upstairs to play..
A little Wii/Xbox for the boys...This is Jaden, Baylor (Jaden's friend) and Bryson
The girls had fun with Littliest Pet Shop!
Made T-Shirts

They say...I"m so lucky...Jesus loves me! For St. Patrick's Day.
Made some cookie dough...Saleh and Charis
Baylor, Jaden and Bryson
Brooke and Haley..
(new friend from church who just moved here from Alaska)
Of course we ate cookies and Milk!

And finally played dress up!

Cari and Alan should be so proud of these 3 little sweeties! Very well mannered, obedient and just fun kids!! Easy to take care of! Thanks for sharing them with us for a night. We are already planning on keeping the Enyart kids next month! So Jamie start planning your date night NOW!! I was so proud of my kiddos and how well they entertained everyone. Just trying to get them understand how important it is to serve others...even in babysitting!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I AM that lucky Momma that got to go out on a date!! And have my kids spend the evening with you guys! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

    My kids had a blast! Bryson said "I think we should do that twice-a-week!" lol!

    The coolest part: remember when we were young and in youth group, and we looked up to (sort-of in "awe" of) those kids a few years older than you?? Well, I think my kids are totally doing that with your kids! Selah with Brook, and Bryson with Jaden. That's pretty cool to watch (for the first time) in their little lives.

    Yesterday I asked Bryson if he sat with Zach in church, and he said "No, I sat by Jaden. And during the songs we were looking at each other and sort-of laughing while we were singing."

    So, that's a cute little bond, huh!

    Thanks again! I totally love it that you reminded me how to involve my kids in "serving" others ~ just because.


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