Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mother/Daughter Journaling

Several months ago I bought my girls a journal. The purpose of this journal was for them to write to me anything they wanted to say...ask...or simply express their feelings about. Something to get conversations started with that we can pass back in forth to each other. We had some serious issues with one of our daughters this week and I wish so bad I had already started this so we could use it during this time.  I had kinda forgot about the journals to be honest. But one of my friends asked me to help her with an assignment and I thought I would get your help. Give me some good conversation starters...questions...or ideas for this to help my friend and myself out as we begin doing this with our daughters. How precious those will be someday as they grow up!! Comment on here...Facebook or Email. Would love to hear what you have to say...Questions she could ask you and Questions you would ask her or just conversations starters...something you would like your daughter to know about you!! Thanks Keri for the idea!


  1. I did this for my boys. Took me several years to complete. I bound and gave them copies for Ryon's 21st b'day and Alex's 16th. I got most of the questions from a book/journal entitled: "A Father's Legacy." There is a "mom" version called---are you ready---"A Mother's Legacy. Link at Amazon--

    It's pretty cool. Lots of good ideas about topics your kids may not think to ask or just things you'd like them to know about your. Some of the questions were: Who was your best friend in elementary school? Name a time you disappointed your parents? When did you become a Christian? get the idea. Both Ryon and Alex sat down and read the thing cover to cover; even asked some follow-up questions. I just worked on it as I had time.

  2. I think it's fun to ask my parents to tell me stories of their younger years, especially high school. I always wish I could watch my parents when they were young to see what they were like. We still give them trouble about funny things they would tell us they did or happened to them.


  3. I have written journals to my kids since they before they were born and I still continue to write to them.I Only write my thought to them scriptures that are my favorites, and how God has helped me get through things that are tough. I write what they are doing and how they make me proud. I write about things I go through that one day they will go through, and try to pass my wisdom along to them.
    I let them draw a picture in the journal, and I tell them how much I love Jesus and anything that Is going on.
    I truly love this idea of the kids having a journal we write back and forth too each other... I am going to do this.
    thank you for Posting :)

  4. That's a great idea that I should do more. Kyndal and I sometimes sit in the chair together and write notes back and forth, usually on a more serious topic. I think she feels more free to write than to talk sometimes. She has spiral notebooks devoted to particular friends that they write back and for in. I think I'll get her a new spiral for her and I.

  5. I love this idea and think I may start it soon! the teen years are getting closer and closer so if we start now maybe.....

    Love it!

    And Blake can do it with the boys

  6. What a great idea! Wish I would have done this with my daughter - she's now 18. You may get some great question ideas from Dannah Gresh & Nancy Leigh DeMoss' book, Lies Young Women Believe. It's a great book with lots of food for thought for tweens and teens. Have a blessed weekend!

  7. This is an amazing idea. I started this with Joshua and Jalane when they were younger. I wish I had the topic or story starters because we did journal back and forth a few times but it seemed to fall by the way side. With my experience and just with guys in general, they are not as open and it is so much harder for them to open up. Something I did notice from early on, so many story lines can be opened by telling stories of your past. They seemed to be ALL ears when Jimmy or I would start telling some hysterical story about a choice we had made when we were their age. Jimmy and I both were opposite as far as making the right or wrong choices as we grew up. Once the kids got to a certain age, we hid nothing about our past. We were so glad God had joined us together so we could share both sides of the fence on all issues and then let them hopefully make the right decision. Jalane and I have the most amazing relationship (so far, it may change next week) we talk about everything! Sometimes she tells me more than I really need to hear but I would have it no other way. Bottom line they love to know what you went through, you made it through, and they too will make it through. As you know with teenagers its not always a bed of roses. HA! Believe me I would go to work in tears after I dropped her off at school because I just knew she HATED my guts. You are in my prayers as you take this "teenage" journey with your girls. Hold on to the scriptures. It is an emotional rollar coaster. And if you get any ideals on how to get guys to open up, let me know. Maybe we can go together and market it.


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