Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break Plans

Our Spring Break started off with Date night! Yeah! Our church has a date night every once in awhile and since Lauren was babysitting at it...we decided to leave the other 2 there and go out! We broke out of our mold and went to a mexican restaurant in town that we had never been too...yes we are just a CrAzY couple! Then you know to make it even more exciting...we went to HOME DEPOT! LOL! Really...I promise almost every date we end up at Lowes or Home Depot....and you know what...I really don't mind! I love home projects! Most guys buy their girls roses, jewelry or chocolate on their man...bought us a toilet!! LOL! BE still my heart! he is...don't be jealous girls...
Why do we need a toilet? Well...I'm happy to announce after living in our house for 9 years...we are finally finishing the upstairs bathroom!! Woo hoo! Lauren's bedroom is upstairs to this will basically be her bathroom. We are buying a tankless water heater that will allow more than one person to take a shower without running out of hot water. All the research we have done shows that your gas bill is cut in half within a year of using them. Can't wait! We are do it yourselfers...builds character! :) 
 Here is our project for the week...
Outside looking in..
If you are standing inside looking at the door..toilet goes on the left...vanity on right
On the right will be the shower...left will be a cabinet and vanity.
I always enjoy watching the before and after happen so I thought I would share it with ya! Now the best part of all of this is...Matt's brother and his family are coming on Monday to help us!! SUPER EXCITED! You know sis in law is one of my best friends and I am in so need of her company right now! I am so ready to just laugh and visit with her! My kids can't wait to see their cousins! Lots of pics will be happening during that time! Lauren is extremely happy to have her own bathroom soon! So that is our Spring Break plans...bathroom work and just hanging out with friends and family...sleepin in and having fun! Hope each of you enjoy your week!!
Do you have any fun plans for the week? 


  1. A date that ends at Home Depot or Lowes is THE BEST!!! Will there be a TV special: "Thomason's Bathroom Extreme Makeover?"

  2. I love it...I love Home Depot and Lowes and I can just browse forever...drives Dave crazy :o)

  3. LOL! Keith that would be a great idea!

  4. That totally cracks me up! Isn't it what we dreamed of when we were dating?? Long, romantic dinners followed by...Home Depot! Ahh...true love! :) It's just that we are all so practical too!

    Can't wait for the "afters"!

  5. I wish I got a Spring Break!! I love DIY projects! Can't wait to see the after! Have fun!!


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