Friday, March 19, 2010

Roastin HD & Smores!

I plan meals every 2 weeks & since the weather was going to be nice on Thursday I had planned on roastin some hot dogs! My kids enjoy a good campfire and hanging out together...especially the boy. I let each of the kids invite a friend over...then my niece Kenzie and her friend Amanda surprised me and came down for the night! Yippee! So we invited my parents down and it turned into a big ParTy with the fam! Now...can I just stop here for a minute and let you know how blessed I feel to live so close to my family and that my kids get to spend time with them like this? Yep...I do...feel...blessed!
Matt got the fire going and we had a great time roastin hot dogs..
.it's amazing how a fire can provide cheap entertainment! 
The girls eating on the trampoline...
Brooke & Emma with their dogs...and our homemade pokers
 (old Girl Scout trick).
Our little old men...these two crack me up! 
Notice their glasses so the smoke doesn't get in their eyes. 
They burned everything up for us! They love to throw things in the fire!
My man...he can make a mean fire!
It's smore time!! Nana lickin her fingers
Brooke eatin it up!
Kenzie & Amanda enjoying their smores!
We cleaned up & came in and watched Planet 51. I didn't make it thru the movie...I was tired...I have managed to catch some kind of cold in my chest...not good. The kids said it was a great movie though. We have one more day of Spring Break today. It's went sooo fast! 
Hope you are enjoying yours!

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  1. How come hot dogs always taste better over the fire?! :) Yummy, looks like fun times.


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