Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meet Chitwood...Visit & Pray!

I would like you to meet my friend Amanda Chitwood...aka "Chitwood". I have known a really really long time! Why do I want you to meet her? Because we all need to pray for her. Amanda has struggled with pancreatitis for many years now. I want to say something like 12 years. She has been in and out of the hospital and felt bad for some time now. She lives in constant pain and has to take medicine to manage the pain. Which can be difficult to control at such a young age...Amanda is a Sr. in High school.  About 2 weeks ago Amanda and her mom Rhonda left for Mayo clinic to go thru a month long training on how to manage the pain that is associated with her disease. During this time they are doing lots of test to see what can be done for Amanda's pancreas. Today they were told Amanda would have to get a lot worse before they could do anything to help with the pancreas...this news has just rocked their world because Amanda already feels horrible and doesn't want to feel worse.
Amanda has started a blog and I am asking all my bloggin friends to go here and let Amanda and Rhonda know you are praying for them. As a mom you can put yourself in Rhonda's shoes and grasp how it would feel if this was your girl in this situation so please send her some words of encouragement for me. I just love Amanda...she is one of those girls in the youth group we have always been able to count on  as a who is who she is...she isn't all girly girl...which I like...she tells you how it is...she is tough and has been an example to many in her faith in God. She could really use your prayers...they are so far from home for a month and having to deal with so many things. I truly appreciate you doing this...:)


  1. Heading over there right now! Thanks for introducing Amanda to us! Praying for her and her family!!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this precious young lady! I will head there to see about putting her on my prayer blog.

    Love to you - Beth


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