Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Sean & Misty Algaier

Remember Sean from the Biggest Loser that spoke at church last month? I totally forgot to share some exciting news!!! Last week @FCC we announced that we are hiring Sean Algaier as our Tech guy. He will be working with Tim behind the scenes in our Tech department. Sean is going to be a huge help for Tim in so many ways. Tim has known Sean for a long time and so he will be a great fit for the job.  As our church grows so does the ministry opportunities for so many to jump in and help, especially with the launching of the new campus @ Stone Canyon. God is doing some amazing things in His kingdom work.  Sean will be an outstanding addition to the staff @ FCC. His wife Misty is a total sweet heart and I can't wait to get to to know their sweet little family. Help me Welcome them...they will be here in April!

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