Monday, March 29, 2010

Chitwood is Home!

Yeah!! Amanda came home on Saturday after being @ Mayo for a month. You can read about her here also. Amanda and her mom Rhonda, learned so much about Amanda's pancreatis and how to manage her pain while they were there. Amanda met some amazing friends that will support and encourage her thru this process that are dealing with some of the same issues she is. I just want to give you all a big "thank you" for praying for Amanda & Rhonda while they were @ Mayo. Being gone from home that long was tough...but thru the prayers and support of many they were able to endure and make it thru their time there. I am truly blessed by each of you for holding someone you didn't know personally...but as a fellow follower of Christ...up in prayer. That's what it's truly all about!! WOW! God gets all the Glory!! Please continue to pray for Amanda as she continues to learn how to manage her pain and deal with having this disease on a daily basis and take what she learned and put into a daily practice. We had a little surprise party for her on Sunday after church. 
Tons of friends and family showed up to welcome her home! As Ty Pennington would say...cuz ya'll know he is my friend and all...LOL...yea..right! There's only one thing left to say...Welcome Home Amanda & Rhonda...Welcome home! 


  1. Steph,

    Well our prayers will continue for both of them as the road that lies ahead is still a long one but not an unfamiliar one knowing that God is along for the ride and He will see them through to the end.

    Thanks for updating us and keeping us informed so we can keep the prayers heading skyward!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. So happy she has you all to love her...will keep praying!!


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