Friday, March 12, 2010

Matt's Day Out

You know...Matt isn't the type of guy who hangs out with "the guys" very often. If you know him...I mean really know know he is an introvert pretty much. I's hard to believe really...because he is so good with people. He is a stay at home kind of guy though. But every once in a while he will go have some fun the some guys. Mike Loewe....aka as our rescuer in for Dr. Pepper and he had some extra tickets to the Big 12 games this week so he offered them to the staff at FCC. Which I thought was so nice of him...but that's just the kind of guy Mike is! So on Wednesday morning 5 of them were able to make the trip to KC to watch some games.
  This is Bobby, Matt & Tim..
notice the OU/OSU attire going on there...
And how cool was it that OSU and OU were playing each other! Of course OSU won...:)
 Here is all 5 of them at the game...
   Bobby, Mike, Jim, Tim & Matt
Only 5 of them could make the game so they had 2 extra Matt called our good friend Kip in KC and invited him and his Senior Pastor Reggie to join them at the game. I was so glad Kip was able to make it. We have been friends with Kip and his wife Catherine since college and have been on staff with them at Carterville and FCC Owasso at one time together. 
I was so glad for Matt to get to have a day hanging with some of his friends and guys on staff. He really should do it more, but it's just not a big deal for him. I am thankful he had a chance to have fun!
Thanks Mike for the tickets!!!
***Does your husband get out and have "guy time" every once in awhile?***

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