Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FUn with the Cuzins!

The Cuzins arrived in town on Monday and we just played and chatted all day! Fuuunnn! 
The boys rode the 4 wheeler and the go-kart for awhile! 
For dinner we took Brian to Teds for his 40th bday. Of course we had to take pictures!
Krista & I
The girls
The boys
We had the waitress sing Happy Birthday to was funny because they called him Ryan instead of Brian the whole time...LOL! 
Nice sombrero!!
Afterwards all the girls went to Target and the boys headed to Lowes!
And GUESS WHAT?! I have been looking for a mirror for Lauren's bathroom and we stopped in Kirklands and I got a beautiful 24x36 frame for Lauren's Bathroom....for only $26!! WOO HOO!! It was regularly $60! I love bargains! We had a super day with them...stayed up late chatting with Brian & refreshing. Much needed time with them!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Yea for family time and an awesome bargain!


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