Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HBTU Brian!

Today it is not just St. Patricks Day people! It is also Matt's brother's 40th bday! Brian & Matt are different in a lot of ways...but very much a like in so many ways. Brian & Krista started a church in KS about 4 years ago. If any of you have ever been a part of a church plant you know that is hard work! He is the minister there and has been called to reach the lost and those who have never been a part of a church. I am totally amazed at his people skills and the way he can reach out to those who don't know Jesus and make them feel comfortable in church. He is a hard worker...he owns an excavating business, has rental properties and flips houses to provide for his family...because starting a church...well...finances are not there for awhile sometimes. Brian loves to hunt and go repelling. I have always admired how he loves his wife and kids. He and Krista make a great team in the ministry. One thing about Brian is...he is a good hugger! When Brian hugs know it! He isn't afraid to squeeze every bone in your body! He ain't no wet noodle people...but has a heart of gold. SO instead of celebrating St. Patricks Day...let's have St. Brians day! :) He is over the hill now @ 40 years old!!
Brian and Matt
Brian and Krista
We totally appreciate him coming to help with the plumbing in Lauren's bathroom! You da best!
HBTU! We love you!!


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