Monday, March 22, 2010

It's official...

I have my 4th sinus infection since November! Geez! It started last Thursday night and BAM... hit me like a train rollin down the tracks! I used to get them a lot...then I had kinda stopped for a couple of years...then all of the sudden I am getting them again. This time it's a little different because it has packed up and moved to my chest. I am coughing up some really nasty stuff! Sorry...:) I sound like an old lady who hangs out at the bar smokin a pack of cigarettes all day. COUGH COUGH...Hack Hack!! Every time I cough it hurts! Anyway...I broke down and went to the Doc today. I have a bad sinus infection and the drainage has went to my chest and caused the cough...and some infection in my chest. She gave me some an antibiotic...nasal steriod and something for my cough, so I should be better soon. I am not one to run to the Doc unless I really need it...maybe once a year if that! I just think once it gets into your chest you shouldn't mess around.  The copay...the pharmacy...the $$$ all just annoys me really. But I know...I know...I should be thankful for insurance...I AM!! But who knows how that's going to go with the new health care bill that passed last night....not going to talk anymore about that.
I have to tell you something though girls...we have a breathing machine and some albuterol. Brooke needs it for her coughing asthma so we keep it on hand and if someone gets a bad cough I give them a treatment. Well...last night I decided to use it to see if it would clear my would think I just took a hit of something or actually was at the bar...I was CrazY!! I was shaky..,and Sunday nights we do our family devo and I couldn't stop laughing...I would just bust out in laughter over nothing! I think Matt wanted to throw me out of the room. LOL!! I felt so bad...but I seriously could not control it!! Scary huh?!?!
So we have made tons of progress on the bathroom. I can't wait to show you the walls. I painted them a warm yellowish and then I am putting a Mocha glaze on them. It looks cool! I have to finish the ceiling today...just trying to get the energy to do it at this point. My bed still isn't made. The house is a disaster...ahh...but you's ok. Momma needs some rest!
Well are you sick of my whining now? Not very exciting news today. Just need to sleep it off and get better. How about you guys? Anyone else had more sinus/allergy stuff this year too? I hope each of you know how much I enjoy your comments...thru or email. It brightens my day when I find out you read my ramblings....just like Salem Martin...girl...I had no idea you keep up with me. Gave me a smile the other day...:)


  1. Oh, I pray that you are going to feel SO good soon!

  2. Steph! Doggone it! I am so glad you broke down and went to the dr. Pray those meds kick in double time! I know that albuterol and breathing machine makes a person CRAZY and to think we give that to our kids.....Jantz had to do that ALL.THE.TIME as a baby and we would hate doing it late at night bc we KNEW we were in for NO SLEEP AT ALL!
    Pray you feel better fast and can't wait to see your bathroom!
    Love ya

  3. I get sinus infections all of the time! I hate them! Have you ever heard of a netty pot? My MIL was telling me about them. She knows people who swear by them, and they have never gotten a sinus infection since they started using them. I am going to look into it! Feel better soon!!

  4. Feel better soon!! It does seem as if a lot of people are getting sick more often. My husband laughs at me because I take a handful of vitamins a couple times a day - I can't complain though, I've avoided the junk going around out there!! Vit. D-3 seems to stop the respiratory stuff any time I think I might be getting it!! Give it a try! God bless!

  5. Kate...yes...I truly believe in the Netti pot! I have been using it..:)

    Maria...I take a handful of vitamins it annoys me that I am still getting this husband also laughs at the amounts I take a day!!! But I have to say I am not taking Vit. D-3. Thanks for suggesting that. I will throw that one in on my daily dosage! I will do anything to stop this nonsense. :)

  6. I got a shout out!! :) I love your blog and hope you feel better!!


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