Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meet "Oreo" Blast

Well...the kids were totally surprised and so happy to meet the bunny! We have named him Oreo! He is black with a white ring around his neck. Oreo seems like a sweet bunny so far. He hasn't scratched or thumped us yet. I am curious as to why someone dumped him off...I am hoping he doesn't die soon or turn into the devil bunny! :) 
The kids have spent most of their time out in the garage with him since we got him last night. They are very happy campers today! 
Lauren, Brooke, Jaden and Oreo
Thanks for all your funny comments on here and Facebook! I have enjoyed them! Now after hearing Oreo so many times...I am craving Oreos...:) 


  1. I'm so glad Oreo is doing well and everyone is in love! (and that I don't have little rabbit poop-balls to clean up this morning!!)
    Love you all...Kristina

  2. What an adorable bunny!! Enjoy your new pet!


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