Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project Update/NEED UR ADVICE!!!

***Make sure and GIVE ME ADVICE ON SINK... SEE END OF POST!!***

Brian helped Matt run the plumbing on Monday and Tuesday. The plumbing has been the hang up for us because that is not something Matt wants to tackle without any experience to back him up. YOu get that wrong and you have big problems! So we are very thankful for Brian coming to help us out.
This is the shower should be impressed! ooh and aw please! LOL!
The sink will go here...
Our Garage is the work area...

It's really hard to get a good pic...but the shower walls are up! The drywall is purple and have to use this type for I didn't paint it!

Matt workin on Mud and tape on the ceiling

Jaden is a huge help! He has filled all the screw holes and sanded them. I have to say...Matt is so good at teaching Jaden how to do these things...I love to watch them working together. He had been sanding..thought he looked cute...
Jaden & I mudding....
****HERE IS WHERE I NEED YOUR ADVICE**** cousin works at a place that sales sinks and countertops and is getting a GREAT deal on them! But I don't know what to do about the sink. The practical side of me says...get the sink's a teenagers bathroom and keeping it clean will be a challenge so do this
But the fun side of me says to get the sink on a bowl!
 Like this one..

Do you have a sink that is mounted on top? Is it easy to clean? Does it get in the way of your countertop space? HELP!!!!!!! Either comment on here or Facebook me ASAP!! Thanks Ya'll!! 
We will finish mudding and taping tonight...then I am going to texture the walls tomorrow in a venetian style. I am so excited to see how it turns out! Stay tuned...more pics to come as progress is made! 


  1. I love the bowl but I would worry too about counter space...although Ashtyn leaves all her stuff all over her counters so I am sorta thinking it might be good that there is no counters there...I love the bowl look though for sure.

  2. Well here is my advice........get the in counter mounted because one.....I have heard that it is harder to keep clean around the base and 2 the top mounted sink I think will get in the way when you are like putting on makeup. so there ya go.

  3. Whichever one the kids are more likely to clean on their own. Which means either one or neither one. Sorry, but I've had 3 teenagers :)


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