Monday, March 1, 2010

If God wants you to have one...he will give you one!

That's what I said to my kids about 3 years ago when they really wanted a bunny for Easter. And wouldn't you know...on Easter we found a nest of sweet baby bunnies in our backyard. We brought them in and held them for a bit...look how little they are!

 I thought...God that was so nice of you to give my kids that experience and I thought he was done with the whole bunny thing! Because you can't keep wild bunnies because they will die...just incase you didn't know that.  Oh no...2 days later...Matt calls me from church and tells me he found a white bunny in the church parking lot...ummm WHAT??? Yes...found a bunny! So he brought that wascally wabbit home and we let our kids keep it. The kids told me..."see God wanted us to have a bunny mom so he gave it to us". Oh my...the things we say to our kids! Well Suzie lived with us for about 2 years...the kids would play with her some, but she would thump you so she really wasn't that great to hold. Too be honest...I didn't care for the bunny. She was just one more thing to feed and take care of! Then one day I saw our neighbor lady at her cage...the cage is in our front yard. See what you need to know about our neighbor is...she is one of those animal rescue people...they have a deer, kangaroo...sheep...tons of dogs...a big bird and Lord knows what else at that house of hers...she lives around the corner. And that's all fine...we love animals...nothing against her. But...Suzie's cage was a mess and as soon as I saw her looking at Suzie I told Matt...she is going to steal that bunny!! And two days later...Suzie was gone. Oh the sadness at our house! Now...I can't prove the lady took her so I guess I just have to say...the Lord gives and takes away and Suzie was ready to move on to her next adventure. And you know what...I don't think I have one picture of that wascally wabbit! Matt's mom took one...I need to copy it. fast forward...we are getting close to Easter again and of course the question is coming up...they have already seen them at Southern Ag...Can we get another bunny? I was like HECK NO!!! Then on Saturday Jaden starts to fix up Suzie's old cage and we told him...we aren't getting another bunny!!! And I thought Oh Wait...I'll tell him what I told him last time...IF GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE A BUNNY HE WILL GIVE YOU A BUNNY!!  Now of course...I said that thinking...that will hush him up because there is no way a bunny is going to just appear 2 times in our lives!!!

Well...I'm eating those words today PEOPLE!!!!! Yesterday at church Darrin Frantz (he and his wife Kristina have a veterinarian clinic) came up to me and said..."hey you guys want a bunny...someone left it on our porch at the clinic and we need to find a home for it!!!!!!!!! I said...ARE YOU KIDDING ME AND DID MY DAUGHTER PUT YOU UP TO THIS??? He just looked at me like What and said No...we just thought you guys might want it. I just stood there in total shock knowing...well...looks like we are getting a new bunny, how can I say No to that??
So I'm going to pick up the new bunny here a little bit...guess my kids will know it's from God. They will know that you can ask him for even the smallest little things because he wants to bless you. I think I will have the kids pray for a new car this week...:) I will post pics of the bunny later.
Matthew 7:7-8
Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks the door will be opened. 
Have you ever had to follow through with something
 you said to your kids but really never thought it would happen??
And what are you asking God for right now? 


  1. That is sooooo CRAZY!!! LORD you have the BEST SENSE OF HUMOR!!! Steph, you better watch what you tell those kids of yours!

    This is sooo precious! :) Can't wait to see the pics!

    Love ya

  2. Steph,
    Awesome story! We've had chicks, lizards, fish, frogs, turtles, etc. The one thing Tyler wants is a snake. He tried all last summer to catch one.

    Don't know if I want to say, If God wants you to have one, he'll give you one, I hate snakes!

    Julie Hager

  3. That is the only way my kids will be getting pets:) (& no, you can't come drop your pets off on my doorstep!:)

  4. Craziness!! 2 bunnies in one lifetime! Haha! God really has to be laughing right now! Enjoy the bunny and can't wait to see pics!

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Cheryl just did some blogging and facebook reading with me tonight - a rare thing, as she gets more computer time at work than she cares for. Anyway, she said you have a great-looking family. Thought I'd pass that along.


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