Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teeth Whitening Experiment

We are embarking on an experiment @ our house...a teeth whitening experiment that is! Matt & his brother Brian both have this brown stain on their teeth. Growing up Matt was told it was from the well water at their house...but as both of the boys had kids & they got older...their teeth had the same stain. We live in 2 separate states and we are not on well water here, so it must be hereditary. It has really started to bug my girls lately and I have looked into getting them whitened at the Dr. but that is very expensive and the Dentist told me I should wait till Lauren is a little older before we do it! While my sis-n-law was here this week she told me she has started making the girls use Topol toothpaste and whitening strips and it has made a difference...though Alexis is going to have a dentist work on hers very soon, so we will see what results she gets and look into it if it works for her.
Anyway...I thought I would do the same with my girls and see if it makes any difference with the Topol and the white strips. We did it once today...BTW...they taste gross. Here is what they look like today and I will take another pic in 2 weeks and see what happens.
Brooke...poor thing...she has my teeth...will need braces soon! 
Lauren...notice the brown on the middle of the teeth.
Mine...thought I would try it with them and see if I can tell a difference.
Sorry...I know this is gross to look at our teeth! 
Can you say...Dr. Pepper and Coffee? 
So tell me...any advice on the whitening strips? Have you ever done this? 
I know it can make your teeth sensitive, but besides that..not sure of anything else!


  1. HA HA HA!!! stephanie!!!!! this makes me laugh my bootie off!!!! you ROCK SISTER!!! okay...i used crest pro-white strips or somethingorother like's a ten day dealio in a blue have to pay for this big square plastic box filled with the little whitening strips and i always wonder....why am i paying for this big blue plastic box when all i need are the little packets inside????? anyway....if you figure out something creative to use the leftover box for, lemme know!!! ANYWAY....i think they work...GREAT!!!! i put them on at night while i'm getting ready for bed or while dan and i are lying in bed watching tv or something similarly motionless (ha!) and then take them off after thirty min. and brush! VOILA! they work really good! and i SOOOOO admire you for showing your teeth....i really don't care for my teeth at all and i want braces!!!! i never had them...and now i want them...can 38 year olds wear braces????? anyway...good luck...xoxo!

  2. I won whitening trays at my dentist and the one thing I can say is, it does make your teeth sensitive. I never could leave them in my mouth for longer than about 30 minutes. I will use them every once in a while when Keith and I are going out or I have something special to go to. One thing that we have started doing though is rinsing our mouths with peroxide. It doesn't taste very good and you have to be careful not to swallow it and rinse really well but I have seen a difference and my teeth don't seem to be sensitive to it.

  3. Ashtyn and I have both used the whitening strips and we actually just used the Equate brand and it really does work. I promise! You probably will start to feel some sensitivity but I think if you can tough it out, you kinda build up a tolerance to the feeling...its not really painful just bothersome...for me anyway.

    I sooo would love for you to come to the City!! I want you to come stay a week :o) Whenever you can plan some time just let me you know I have been to the Memorial several times but I have yet to go the the Museum because it is just too painful and brings back too many of those awful memories from that day :o(


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