Sunday, October 11, 2009

Core Values/Grace

We started a new sermon series last week at FCC called Core Values. Charlie kicked it off with what we believe as a church... and that is WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS!! Wow...does that sound so hard or what? NOT! You wouldn't believe the churches out there that do not preach out of the bible anymore. It is mind boggling to me that there are preachers who do not use scripture on Sunday mornings! FCC has always been a church that uses the bible as their Core teaching. I am thankful for that.

Today my sweet man preached. I always look forward to him preaching. I really think he has the gift of preaching. He is so passionate about it and really seeks what God wants him to say on Sunday mornings. Today his topic was Are we a Grace filled church? WOW! First of all for those of you who don't know...we have an outstanding worship leader...Tim...he just got back from a Catalyst conference so he was extra pumped this morning...yes...he got to see Kari Jobe perform live with an orchestra...Me=jealous. I would love to have been there!!! So worship rocked this morning and if it didn't make you want to raise your hand and lift praise to God...well you need a heart transplant!

Nathan...a young man who recently joined the worship team...and our worship team performed one of my favorite Casting Crown Songs (and yes...I love CC and we actually got to meet them after their concert in Tulsa...LOVE THEM) ...this song has always tugged at my heart and humbles me. The song has been out for several years, but still has such a huge impact on me. It's Does Anybody hear her? Mark, the leader of CC gives his testimony about the song in this video. Go down to my playlist and pause it at the bottom of my blog so you can hear the video better if you want.

He tells us we have lists...if you do this sin...oh I'll forgive you...but if you do this sin...sorry I can't forgive you. Which is not GOD's grace at all! I have to admit I am so guilty of this at times, I kinda have a check list, and when you upset me or make me mad or annoy me...well, sorry you are not on my "talk to" list anymore. I am a sinner, I have no reason to judge or not love someone.

2 simple points Matt used today: We need Grace and we need to give Grace. Thank you so much Lord for the Grace that you shed on me daily. Forgive me when I do not show YOUR Grace to others.

He used the passage from John 8, the woman caught in Adultery. Someone who needed God's grace, just like you and me.

If anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her. John 8:7

Someone needs you to show them God's Grace and love. Who is it?

p.s. My Friend Loren reminded me you can listen to these sermons on the internet!! Thanks Loren! You can go to and check them out!


  1. Yes THANKYOU LORD for GRACE!! I love this song and CC too! They are so anointed!

    I will have to listen to the sermons via the internet :) thanks for letting us know!!!

  2. Amazing!
    Our church too started a new series this weekend called the The Gospel Centered Life. ( Impacting as we we walk through the book of Galations. This series is lasting until the end of the year and I am looking forward to it greatly! :)

  3. How awesome! Sounds like you all had a great, God-filled service. We did too! I still feel overwhelmed from our service yesterday. I love it when my husband preaches, I am like you, I think it's his greatest gift. I just won a Kari Jobe cd from another blog, and I am so excited about it! Have a great week! John again, huh?! I am sure you will have the book of John memorized soon, right?!


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