Sunday, October 18, 2009

Test Results

We received the test results on Maggie's liver, it's not what we wanted to hear. She has cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis. We really don't have a solid answer on how this all started. Our vet said it could be the stress from her pregnancy or copper poisoning. We don't know how she would have gotten copper poisoning, so that is weird! One of our friends gave us a supplement called Ambrotose. It is suppose to get the organs going again. It's about our only hope of helping her. The only problem is we can't get her to eat anymore. So we have had to feed her with a syringe and melt the medicine in there. It's just a sad situation right now. We will probably have to make the decision when to put her down in the next few days. We have heard the sweetest prayers from our children praying over her the last few days. I appreciate you all for keeping us in your prayers. I will let you know when we have more news.
Steph T.


  1. Steph,
    I know this is so hard. I do know that sweet Maggie is in the best care from the people who love her the most. I will pray the medicine and food through the syringe will work! Praying for your family. thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. Steph

    I am sooo sorry that you are having to go through this tough time! Asking the Lord for a miracle and healing for your sweet Maggie. That this medicine will clear out her organs and they will be healed of any poisons! That all of her organs would be as the Lord made them ~ healthy and functioning 100 %.
    Praying for your whole family and asking the Holy Spirit to comfort each of you

  3. Girl I am so sorry your family is going through this. We know how important pets are to a family. Our thoughts are with you guys.

  4. Praying for peace for you all!


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