Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My cousin Lori

I would like for you to pray for my cousin about someone who has been thru so much...let me just run a list for you...there is so much more in between...but you will understand how much prayer is needed now: She has 3 children...15, 17 and soon to be 21.
  • 2004 her mom passed away
  • 2007 my grandma...which she was close to passed away
  • 2008 my grandpa passed away
  • 7 months later in August 2008 her husband passed away after fighting esophagus cancer for 3 years...
  • June 2009 her dad passed away....he had been living with her and had a stroke and died at her house...
  • July 2009 she finds out she has cancer in her eyelid...has it removed
  • August/Sept she has more cancer in her eye and has to go to Philadelphia for a special Sergent to look at...gets test results 2 weeks ago telling her she is cancer free in her eye after treatment.
Sunday night she has a pain in her side. Her son takes her to the hospital and they immediately admit her. They have found a spot on her lung and on her liver. They did a biopsy today on her liver to test it for cancer. They have called in the oncologist and moved her to the 14th floor...which is the cancer floor...which is the floor her husband died on. So this is a very difficult place for her. Now let me tell you about my cousin Lori...she laughs her way thru live and is full of life! She is so fun to be with! Even in the tough times she has keep her charm. I am asking you to pray for her and pray for her children. This is a scary time for all of them. I know they are being held in God's might arms. They are waiting on test results. I will let you know.
This is a pic to show you how silly she is! She is on the right!

Thanks for your prayers!!


  1. Wow! She has been through the ringer! Will be praying for her!

  2. Poor Lori .. good grief! Prayers for her and the kids.

  3. Praying for her and your family!

  4. Wow, that is alot for any dear person. Praying for her specific needs.

  5. Oh Steph!! I am soo sorry

    Lifting Lori to her FAther, her Great Physican, her Peace, Her HOPE,
    and her Comfort! and asking Angels to encamp around her room and for Wisdom and Discernment to guide her Doctors and their decisions

    I hate cancer


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