Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What fills you...will come out: BSF today

Ok..I'm just to excited and just need to blog right now about this mornings BSF. The Holy Spirit was moving as usual while there. We are in John 4, the Woman at the Well. You know I have read that chapter probably 100 times in my life, but I have never really let understood it like I am getting it now.

She always gives an outline and Principles to go with each one. The Principles just kinda wrap it all up to one sentence. So it might seem random, but these are some things Karen spoke of and I truly believe this woman is anointed by God.

I. Divine Appointment:
Jesus went thru Samaria, which is not the normal path you would have taken to get to Galilee. A Jew would not even step in the place. But Jesus diliberately went thru Samaria. Out of His Way....How will you be inconvenienced for doing God's will? He made an effort to talk to her...in those days she would have never talked to him. But he started the conversation.
Principle #1: Jesus uses everything to break through to our hearts.

II. Divine Fulfillment:
1. We need to know who Jesus is...a gift we can receive or reject
2. You have to ask for His gift
3. When you ask..you know he will give it!

Jesus opens her wounds where he knew this cleansing water he offered her would heal her. Before she could known the truth about who he was, she had to face the truth about who she was. He asked about her husband, which really wasn't her husband.
He knew her worst, but proved he loved her for her.
Principle #2: Nothing will satisfy but Jesus Christ. Amen!!

Worship comes from the Greek word Showing worth. Worship is telling God how wonderful He is Praise is telling others how wonderful God is. I have never thought of them like that!

III. Different LIfestyle:

1. Sometimes we forget where He found us..express your gratitude for him not leaving you where he found you!
Psalms 63...good for when you feel weak.
2, She is so excited...she leaves her pot at the well to go tell others and bring them back. She is no longer interested in her needs, but the needs of others and for others to know Him.
Principle #3: What fills you, will come out. ( I love this one)

Here are a few thoughts to leave you with.
1. Who do you know that tells you what they are learning from God? I am thankful for people and especially a husband that I learn so much from everyday.
2. Jesus tenderly and lovingly peeled away the hurt and prejudice that was in her live so she could receive His love. He was deliberate about it.
3. Nothing will fulfill you like Jesus, if you are unfulfilled, He is seeking you and His purpose for your life.

Ok...these are not my words! I did not come up with this. But I just felt like it convicts me...makes me want to seek those who are hurting and feeling unloved and show them how to receive the Living Water that I have flowing in my life. It's eternal and free. I am thankful he sees more in me than I ever thought possible. I forget sometimes what a great life I have been given...forgive me Lord. I pray that these words remind you of how loved you are and how He wants to fill you. I have days that I am so weak and I pray He fills me up...

This verse spoke to me this week:
2 Kings 17:41 Even while these people were worshipping the Lord, they were serving their idols.

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  1. Wow, great stuff! I loved the one about praise and worship, and what fills you comes out of you! Thanks for sharing this!


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