Friday, October 30, 2009

What's Next?

What's next? That's the big Question right now @ FCC? And after chatting with several of you at Fight Night I have learned that some of you are reading my blog thinking I might give you a hint of what is going to be announced on little stinkers! Do you think I would tell you? Maybe if you begged...I might..NO! Ok, I am the type that has trouble keeping surprises...I can keep a secret...but surprises...that's hard on me! Like when I buy a gift for someone, I can't wait to give it to them!! But I can say..I have kept my trap shut on this! So you will have to wait until Sunday Morning to hear the big changes that are coming to FCC. It is amazing news and God has been working on this for a long time! Matt and I...along with the staff are so so excited! It will change up some things around FCC!! SO be there so you can rejoice in the Blessings God has brought to our church! Don't be left out!! I will blog about it after Sunday!


  1. I don't even go there and I am excited! I hate keeping things to myself, I get too excited!

  2. I have no clue as to what changes are coming but I'm excited to find out. It hadn't occurred to me to see if you would tell what you know. Too bad my mind is slow like that. I might have been able to bribe you with a can of Dr. Pepper. ;) Just kidding. Way to go with giving it up for the past 3 weeks!

    ~Keri Cochran


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