Sunday, October 4, 2009

A week of Birthdays!!

WIthin a week we have 5 significant bdays in our family! First was my sister's on the 25th and I have already blogged about her here

Next came my nephew Josiah. This is a picture of him...on the left, my son Jaden in the middle and then Matt's cousin's son Hunter on the right.

Josiah turned 10 on the 29th. Josiah is a great kid. I am so glad that he is part of our family. I don't know what my son Jaden would do without him at family gatherings! Seriously! With 4 girls he needs Josiah around at family things. Matt's brother Brian has 2 girls and one boy also. He is a quiet boy...atleast around us...but he one of those kids you can just see it in his eyes he is taking it all in and watching all the details flow. He is a smart kid and he is a great football player too. They live in a small town in KS about 2 1/2 hours away. We don't get to see them as much as we would like with our busy schedules. So Happy Birthday Josiah! You are an amazing kid! Only the girls got to go up for his bday this year with Grandpa and Grandma Z. Sorry big guy we couldn't go!! We love you!!

Next on the 30th is Matt's dad...Gary. Here is a picture of Matt and his dad.

Gary is a farmer. He raises cattle and sells them. He is married to Marilyn...Matt's stepmom. My kids love going to their house and playing on all the farm equipment. They love the hay barn and the cows and running all over. They built a house several years ago that would accommodate all of us when we come down and we are so grateful for that! He is an elder at Sunnybrook CC in Stillwater, OK. He likes to talk and visit with you and let you know how things are going around Stillwater and such. Just a good Ol Guy people might say! So Happy Birthday Gary!!!

Next on the Oct. 2nd is my niece McKenzie...aka as spaginzie or skenzie...she and I just have a lot of fun together. She is the one who broke the mold when she was born!! LOL!! She likes fun crazy things and if you ever need anything that girl has it in her purse! She is the junk queen! She really makes me laugh and we always seem to come up with stupid stuff to do when we are together. I wasn't married when my sister's kids were born...I was still young, so I feel like I have grown up with these girls.

Here is a pic of her: Notice the headband she just bought in New Orleans...the hair color and such...she is so fun!

Kenzie is 17 now. She drives a convert able mustang...but would rather have my Windstar so she can take a million people around in it! She is a social queen! But here is her dream "car".

I just love this girl!

And finally on the 5th is my niece Danielle....she and Kenzie are sister's. They are my sister's girls. This is she and I in New Orleans last week:

Danielle, what a little story she is. My sister found out she was pregnant as a senior in HS. I blogged about it on her bday. My sister had her at 19, I was 16 years old. Danielle lived at our house until she was 2, when my sister married Greg they moved to Joplin. I loved that little girl, but I was very jealous of the time and attention everyone was giving her...I was the baby of the there was a new baby that everyone was showering their affection onto her. Needless to say...I was a brat about it for awhile. What is amazing is...God lead me to Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO....where my sister just moved too! Crazy! So I got to continue to spend time with Danielle and Christy. She spent so much time with me and I feel like I helped raise her for some part of that time. I have always felt a connection with these girls because of all the time I spent with them. forward...Danielle is quite the young lady. She is very smart! She is at the University of Ark. majoring in Architectural design. She is engaged to a great guy named Lonnie who I love. He is from Louisiana so he has manners..yes mam..opens doors and all of that! I have so much fun with her also. We get along great and my kids love her Kenzie so much! I love our time together.

So that is enough bdays for awhile in our family! Geez!! What's up with so many being born so close?? I know there are alot of families that are like that...lots of bday all crammed into a week or so.
I have decided to blog about them when it's a family members I thought with all 5 it would be easier to get it all done on one!! yeah!

Happy Birthday...Christy...Josiah...Gary...Kenzie...and Danielle!!
We love you!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to all your family members! Thanks for sharing a little bit about each one of them, how sweet!


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